Aircon Steam Wash

Aircon Steam Wash

The aircon is one of the electrical gadgets whose suitable working relies upon how flawless and clean it is from inside. The razorblades of the fan, and the loops, often get impeded with dirt and become lodging for microorganisms. Besides, relentless utilization of the aircon can produce a sodden smell in the aircon. So aircon necessities particular services. To do the service, Aircon Servicing Singapore is accessible. However, Aircon Steam cleaning is generally famous among the other cleaning; the reason being its reasonable tactic towards cleaning.

What is Aircon Steam Cleaning?

All electrical things have a dissimilar life span relying upon their utilization and how great it has been kept. In like manner, aircon units ought to be serviced oftentimes to improve their working. Aircon steam wash is a progressive technique that makes use of jets of high pressured steam to eliminate dirt from hindered regions. Due to its eco-friendly nature, various eco-friendly individuals favor steam wash over other synthetic techniques. In case you need a steam cleaning service, Aircon Servicing Singapore is here to help you. We are a group of trained professionals and likewise solid contractors for various premier Aircon brands in Singapore. Our guarantee to our customers is to offer the best assistance, consequently, our customers never must be stressed over their aircon collapses as our servicing is upheld with a guarantee. With one of the reasonable costs in Singapore, we are dignified that our nature of work is just about as commendable as our expense.

Why choose Steam wash?

Steam wash is better than normal aircon servicing because the warmth and outrageous pressure of steam can take out and extract any hounded residue and rottenness trapped in the middle of coil paddles and fan blower which can’t be killed easily through ordinary overhauling.

Ordinary Servicing doesn’t each time adequately eliminate terrible scents created by microorganisms that live in the aircon. After steam wash, you can enjoy the great quality air. Steam wash is an innocuous decision as it does exclude destructive synthetic compounds.

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Benefits of Steam wash

Free from synthetic substances

You can be sure that this non- severe steam wash technique has no danger of obliteration to your aircon. At the point when chemicals are utilized, anyway inconsistent, there may be rust in the coil of your aircon or annihilation on the aluminum paddles. As there are no chemicals, the steam wash is a more sensible and gentle substitute to chemical washing.


Water and power are the simple elements required in this cleaning method. There are no harmful chemical elements associated with this procedure. Likewise, it doesn’t utilize an immense amount of water to make a sufficient amount of steam for cleaning huge regions, which makes this overhauling so eco-friendly.

Kills microbes

The high-pressured steam permits the cleaning to cover every stick and opening of the aircon, effectively executing 99.9% of germs, microorganisms, and extra miniature life forms stuck in the aircon. The hot steam exhaust also acts as a softener for any grease that may fix foulness or destruction onto the evaporator circles, which would then be able to be easily taken out.

Dries quicker

The pressure made in the method of steam wash disappears quicker because of residual warmth, proficiently dropping drying time in addition to boosting adequacy. It correspondingly doesn’t abandon any chemical substances or overabundance.

Healthier air:

Steam wash has correspondingly been shown to be compelling in fighting awful scents in your aircon by eliminating germs that live in the coils. With a predictable organized steam wash, your Aircon’s level of wind stream will similarly get better, bringing about improved execution and better air quality.

Lesser Costs

As steam pressure washers require less amount of water, and as the warm water from them evaporates at a greater rate, you will see that there’s about 55-percent less excess likened to a normal pressure washer. This associate with less consumption, overflow, and waste. Since you use less amount of water and have less runoff to battle, your operating costs are lesser. This is a giant benefit for specialized cleaners who benefit from lessening expenditures anywhere they can.

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The advantages of recruiting an expert organization

Aircon Servicing Singapore has various long periods of involvement with this industry, we are a more steady and dependable firm for Aircon servicing, repairing as well as aircon support. We utilize the most recent and exceptional apparatuses and gear. We have capably prepared and specialized experts that are consistently here to help you.

Steam cleaning your aircon is the finest thing that you can do for your aircon unit. This technique is harmless as well as effective, getting all the things out of the aircon without getting worried about damaging chemicals or anything else. An expert can arrive and get the work completed, without a lot of annoyance or additional issues of any kind. It is good to get this done to uphold an effective aircon.

How often should this cleaning strategy be performed? 

  • That relies upon the utilization of the aircon. Generally, one cleaning every 2 years is adequate for a customary home. For a more noteworthy amount of utilization, the break between the two cleaning time frames should likewise decrease. In such a situation, cleaning the aircon one time each year is acceptable. A failure in the cooling impact of the aircon may likewise be another sign that it needs cleaning.

Can you do this cleaning on your own?

  • No! High-pressure steam cleaning must be performed by an expert because it can damage the aircon coils because of the pressure created. Our experts are trained to do high-pressure steam cleaning rapidly and efficiently. They are similarly well-informed on the precise amount of pressure needed for cleaning and the dissimilar components of the aircon.

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